Saturday, December 26, 2009

john mayers new(ish) song. i admit i am a huge john mayer fan. i love him & his music. thought id put the music video to his newest single on here. oh, and to answer your question..YES i am going to the concert in march, thanks.

song of the week.

Amy Winehouse - Love is A Losing game from Julienne Cortes on Vimeo.

although shes had her problems. you cant deny her talent.

check this 3 yr old out!

look at him ! thats crazy..

say cheese.

ive taken alot of pictures of still & nonliving things lately. but i want to start shooting people again. if you want me to take pics of you contact me.

my trip to san fransisco.

so the beginning of the month i took a trip out to san fransisco. its been a .rough. couple months & it was well needed & long overdue. i brought my camera w. me & took some pics. ive been told i have "an eye" by several. in the works of putting a portfolio together. lets see what happens.

the story of love&hate.

i used to love watching the movie Do The Right Thing . I always saw the scene w. radio raheem but never really listened to it & understood it. now that im older & have experienced life a little more I grasp the concept way better . life is all about love & hate. & the "static" between the two. we all love/hate our family. love/hate our boy/girlfriends. love/hate our jobs. so on&so forth..jux when we think the hate has won, love conquers. always.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Rick Owens ---> DRKSHDW

soo i tend to wear what i like. i dont really follow trends bc they have a tendency to change too much for me . i dont feel like keeping up. sooo in order to eliminate that problem, i jux do me. a designer that ive liked for a while is Rick Owens & his line DRKSHDW. its a bit dark, but i love wearing dark colors. the style of his clothes are exactly what i love to wear & the clothes fit sooo good :) the only downside to this amazing line is the prices..its a bit pricey for a college student but its so worth it.

Monday, August 24, 2009

tryna stay recession free.

sooo normally im not a picky person. i accept what comes to me & i accept it in a humble & respectful way. BUT i went in for an interview today at the GWCC [georgia world congress center] it was another story. Mind you, I already have a job as a server at another spot but I thought i would humor the idea of having a back up plan in these times of recession. But when I went and they told me my job position & how much their hourly pay is, I thanked them for their time and walked right out of the interview. I cant settle for pittance. NOT acceptable.

the baddest bitch.

sooo i have a slight fascination w. amber rose [along w. the reest of the world.] . she is the baddest bitch out right now. shes fly & shes pretty. nobody tops her in the game right now. As pretty as she is, she def sounds like a hood rat lol. check out the video.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Solitude from robin risser on Vimeo.

i am a firm believer of meditation & self reflection. On an everyday basis we are surrounded by people. People we have to constantly talk to and entertain. As an effect to this, we are distracted. Distracted from the thoughts of self reflection. To get in touch with yourself. When things go wrong & you aren't where you need to be in life, sometimes shutting the door and blocking out all the distractions of life is the best way to deal with the situation. when you eliminate some of the distractions & clouds of judgement it allows clarity to come into effect. sometimes i sit there and think about what ive done in life so far. often thinking of what my purpose in life is? but then i figure it will be shown to me in due time. take time to reflect.

joelles random shoot

these pics are when me & joelle were chilling in the house. i got pictures in my head of pictures to take. real gritty. real dirty. real real. the smoky look is a favorite of mine if you cant tell lol

light painting.

so i saw a picture on twitter of this guy light painting sooo i decided to research it & figure out how to do it. Heres pics of me & phil giving it a try: